Thursday, 28 March 2013

It *is* pretty though...

 There are not so many signs of Spring popping up round here just yet, in fact it's all still looking decidedly MidWintery!
Not an altogether popular opinion I know, but I actually like the snow and don't think we get enough of it ;) 
We are lucky enough to have views like this from our back door though...
...and this on our doorstep... 
 ...which probably does make it a little easier to appreciate :)
If you're looking for a bit more colour and Spring-i-ness though...

..maybe some cheery flower bunting could brighten your day? :)

Friday, 22 March 2013



Saturday, 16 March 2013

wee chookie birdie (PATTERN!!)

# wee chookie birdie
laid and egg on the windowsill...

my family will get that reference even if no-one else does ;-)

As with all my patterns, please only use them to make items for your own use or for charities, please do not use my patterns to make items to sell for your own profit.

I used a 3.5mm hook for this pattern and dk yarn and the pattern is in UK terms. 
I tend to crochet quite closely and this forms a good fit for a Creme Egg size egg. If you crochet more loosely, you may need to adjust the number of stitches for the body.

Chain 2 and work 10dc into the 2nd chain from the hook, finish with a slipstitch into the top of first dc.
(The rest of the head is worked in a spiral but you will need to keep on eye on where each round of the spiral starts for the next few rounds.)
Chain one, 2dc into each of next 9dc of previous round. Then, 1dc into each stitch of previous round for two rounds.
Continue working in a spiral but now decrease every fourth stitch until you have about eight stitches left. Stuff and sew closed to form a ball.

Chain 33. turn and work one dc into each chain.
(You are going to be decreasing on each row so omit the usual 'chain 1' from the start of each row when you turn - this also forms the taper shape for the tail)
turn (NO CHAIN) starting in second stitch from hook, 5dc, 21htr, 5dc
turn (NO CHAIN) starting in second stitch from hook, 5dc, 20htr, 5dc
turn (NO CHAIN) starting in second stitch from hook, 5dc, 19htr, 5dc
turn (NO CHAIN) starting in second stitch from hook, 5dc, 18htr, 5dc
turn (NO CHAIN) starting in second stitch from hook, 5dc, 17htr, 5dc
turn (NO CHAIN) starting in second stitch from hook, 5dc, 16htr, 5dc
You should end up with a shape something like this...
fold in half and crochet or sew together along tail end and top...
...and turn inside out...
Stitch head to body...
and add beak and eyes...
all done!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

cotton candy

 been playing with some new yarn this past week...'s a blend of 51% recycled cotton and 49% acrylic.
the colours are a little lighter than I'm used to working with but not so pastel that I develop an allergic reaction to them ;o)
they have a sugary sweetie kind of look to them I think
despite being almost half acrylic, the yarn still has a very cottony feel and look to it
both bags are available to buy in my Folksy shop

Sunday, 3 March 2013

(more) hexagons

 finishing off the hexagons from last year... make pretty 'things' for my house...
...they were originally going to be a blanket but this hexagon has been sitting on my table now a while like this and I've kinda got to liking it there, so I used the rest up for a runner for the top of the dresser...
The pattern for the hexagon blocks is from Attic 24 and the yarn I used was Sublime 'Bamboo and Pearls', it's a bit slippery to work with and does have a tendency to split a bit but it has a really nice weight and feel to it and I love the colours :)