Monday, 19 August 2013

simple hexagon pattern

Hey well, you know how I like my hexagons :)
 I'm working on another blanket at the moment, a slow-growing, scrap-using kind of thing which I suspect will probably grow slightly more quickly come the Winter when I'm feeling cold and less distracted by outdoorsy type stuff, but I promised Jane the recipe so here it is* ;o)

I've used a 4.5mm hook and DK yarn. This produces hexagons approx. 7.5cm across at the widest point (but play around with different hooks/yarns for different size hexagons)
The pattern is in UK terms and uses chain (ch), treble (tr) and half treble (htr) stitches.

chain 4 and join with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring
chain three (to act as first treble of first round)
work 11 tr into the ring and join with a slip stitch into the third chain of ch3
 you should have ended up with 12 stitches.
 Round 2 : this round will give you your hexagon shape and is worked in half trebles.
Chain 2 and work one htr into the same stitch. ch1. Work 2htr into the next tr of previous round. ch2. Work 2htr into the next tr of previous round. ch1.
 continue working 2htr into each tr of previous round separating clusters (of 2htr) with ch2 and ch1 alternately (ch1 on straight edges, ch2 for corners) ending on a ch2
Join with slip stitch into second chain of initial ch2
 ch3 (acts as treble) work 2tr into next ch space of previous round. work 2tr into next 2ch space (corner from previous round) chain 2 and work another 2tr into SAME 2chspace.
repeat around working 2tr in each straight edge chain space from previous round and [2tr,2ch,2tr] in each corner space.
on the last corner you will already have your initial 3ch acting as the final treble, so just [2tr,2ch,1tr] in that corner and join with a slip stitch into third chain of initial ch3.
 !!!TA DA!!!
 make lots
*I've written this up a bit quickly and haven't had anyone test my instructions yet, so if anything seems wrong with it or is unclear, please let me know and I will fix it or try and clarify it for you