Thursday, 21 February 2013


...coming soon to a Folksy shop near you!...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

broomstick lace scarf

Wood and wool, can't beat them really can you?
(Moo thought this ball of yarn was funny because it was like a 'cat ball of wool' - the kind you see cat's playing with in cartoons! ☺)
This is scarf I've just finished making using a new (to me) stitch - Broomstick Lace aka Smart Arse Stitch- you can learn how to do it here - it's not actually quite as smartarse or complicated as the finished result looks, but you do kind of need three hands to do it which is slightly problematic when you only have two!
I bought the yarn from the lovely Hannah at Home Baked Online...
...gorgeous isn't it? 
It's a hand dyed 70%wool/20% mohair/10% silk blend so, as well as beautiful colours, it's silky soft too (unless you're like me and allergic to anything with a high wool content in which case it's itchy scratchy!) 
I still love working with wool though, the colours you get with it are so much nicer than with most synthetic fibres and this is a present for someone else :)

edging :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

new tricks

Friday, 8 February 2013


 remember the Leap Year Blanket from way back when?...
...well last night I finished the last '2' of '2012'!!!
Granted a little later than planned, but given that I spent a considerable part of the last half of 2012 in 'out of order' mode and having to write great chunks of it off for one reason and another, I think getting it finished only a month or so late is pretty good going. :)
In fact, given my track record of sticking (or not) to long term plans and projects, getting it finished at all is pretty good going! ;o)
So I have spent this morning joining up and sewing in ends...
366 squares all joined up :)
It still needs edging, which I'm hoping to make a good start on over the weekend, but it's pretty lovely as it is too, if I do say so myself :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

PATTERN!! : pinwheel square

My sister gave me some dog chewed cushions a few months ago for me to 'do something creative with', so I'm working on some new covers for them...this is my favourite (not quite finished yet)...
...and thought I'd share the pattern with you :)
The pattern is just for the individual pinwheel square. Obviously, to make the whole panel, make more of them and sew them together and edge with rounds of doubles, trebles etc to the required size! ;-)

This pattern is in UK terms and uses ss = slip stitch, ch = chain, dc = double crochet, htr = half treble, tr = treble crochet.
Using DK yarn and a 5mm hook made a 5inch square.

Please use the pattern for your own use only and not for items you intend to sell. Thankyou 


FOUNDATION RING: Yarn A : work 6ch and join with ss to form a ring.

ROUND 1: Yarn A : 1ch, 16dc into ring, join with ss into first dc. (16stitches)
ROUND 2: Yarn A : 2ch (counts as 1htr), 1htr into same place, 1htr into next dc, [2htr into next dc, 1htr into next dc] 7 times, join with ss into 2nd of 2ch. (24 stitches)
ROUND 3 : Yarn A : 3ch (counts as tr1), 1tr into each of next 2htr of previous round, 2ch, [1tr into each of next 3htr, 2ch] 7 times, join with ss into 3rd of 3ch. Break off Yarn A.
ROUND 4 : Yarn B : join yarn B to any 2ch space, ch1, 3dc into same space, 3ch, [3dc into next 2ch sp, 3ch] 7 times, join with ss to first dc. ss through each of next 2dc into 3ch sp.
ROUND 5 : Yarn B : (starting in 3ch sp of previous round) ch3 (counts as 1tr)[2tr, 3ch, 3tr] into same space, 2ch, miss next 3dc, 3dc into next 3ch sp, ch2, miss next 3dc, *[3tr, 3ch,3tr] in next 3ch sp, miss 3dc,  2ch, 3dc in next 3ch sp, 2ch miss next 3dc; rep from * twice, join with ss into 3rd of 3ch. Break off Yarn B.
ROUND 6 : Yarn A : join yarn A to any 3ch corner sp, [1ch, 1dc, 3ch, 1dc] into same space, 3ch, miss next 3tr, [1dc into next 2ch sp, miss next 3tr, 3ch] twice, *[1dc, 3ch, 1dc] into next corner sp, miss next 3tr, 3ch, 1dc into next 2ch sp, miss next 3tr, 3ch, 1dc into next 2ch sp, miss next 3tr, 3ch; rep from * twice, join with ss to first dc. Break off Yarn A.
ROUND 7 : Yarn B : join yarn B to any 3ch corner sp, ch3 (counts as 1tr), [2tr, 3ch, 3tr] into same sp, [1ch, miss 1dc, 3tr into 3ch sp] 3 times. *1ch, [3tr, 3ch, 3tr] into next corner sp, [1ch, miss 1dc, 3tr into 3ch sp,]3 times; rep from * twice, 1ch, join with ss to 3rd of 3ch. Break off Yarn B.
ROUND 8 : Yarn A : join yarn A to any tr of previous round, 1ch, 1dc into each tr and each 1ch sp of previous round, working [2dc, 2ch, 2dc] into each 3ch corner space. Break off Yarn A.

The pattern has been tested (BIG thankyou to helpful friend :)) 
but I'd love to hear how you get on with it and please do let me know if you have any problems with any of it :)