Sunday, 30 May 2010

GIVEAWAY!!! - Calling all jugglers!!

Can you juggle?
Do you live in the UK?
Would you like to be the lucky owner of a set of cheerymishmash juggling beanies like these?

!!!FOR FREE!!!

Sound too good to be true? Okay, well there is a teensy weensy little catch! - I need someone to test juggle and review them for me.
If you think that could be you, please leave a comment below, and I will select someone randomely at random (assuming more than one person enters!) next Sunday, June 13th



  1. I can juggle, would love to give them a go :)

  2. They look gorgeous - I'd love to test a set :o)
    I'm trying to teach my children to juggle at the moment, so we could do a multi-person review!

  3. My husband can juggle, he'd give them a go. I could take them to my home ed group and pass them round.

  4. I juggle and have several times taught ppl to juggle. Would love to review these for you.