Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

What was a niggling naggingness of a pain before and while we were away on holiday has unfortunately morphed into a full on flare up of costochondritis this week, which, until either the pain becomes more manageable, or I find a more effective way of managing the pain, means that coming back refreshed and ready to tackle the world and other things hasn't really happened and I'm pretty much out of action for most things :-/
Not impressed! 
But clouds and silver linings and all that, sitting around and being confined to the sofa and unable to move very much for much of the day does at least lend itself quite well to a spot of crochet or fifty ;-)
So, I have caught up on my Leap Year Blanket project...
May's squares...
June's squares...
..and I now have a whole half of a blanket!!!...
...and started working on something new... in progress...
Can you tell what it is yet?! ;-)
More photos tomorrow hopefully of the more finished version :)


  1. They are beautiful. I hope the pain very soon goes away.


  2. I may have said this before but that blanket looks amazing :D

    1. Thanks - I'm really pleased with how it's coming together :) x

  3. LOVE your blanket...Klimt comes to mind whenever I look at it :-) Hope the pain eases soon (((<3)) xx

  4. hope you recover soon. Your blanket is amazing, where did you find the different stitches/designs? (I m new to crochet, would love to try something like this).

    thanks Amanda