Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to feature the talents of some other artists and crafters that I am lucky enough to know.
To start us off,  I asked the lovely Julie of Rugazzled to tell us a bit about her very gorgeous rugs and wall hangings...
"My name is Julie Napier and I am the executive creator of "Rugazzled", a business I started up a year ago. I create decorative rugs and wall hangings, art for your floors and walls.
I am a hoarder of beautiful things and would make rugs for friends and family, and it was suggested that I start up a business out of it.
All my creations are made completely by hand with no machinery involved and all is environmentally friendly.
I get inspiration from life itself and the beauty of nature.
I started off making rugs from recycled materials, turning materials that seemed to have lost their value and which had no further use, into something that would become a wanted item, but my passion for beautiful fabrics got hold of me and I now search for luxuriously soft, rich fabrics.
I really love what I do and hope you love them too."
I do love them - lots!!
and am even lucky enough to own one...
If you like what you've seen here, please check out Rugazzled's online shop and etsy shop and pop over and say hi on their facebook page

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