Thursday, 2 May 2013

The great BIG getting to 446 likers on facebook giveaway!!!

Yes, you read that right - 446 people officially like my facebook page and I reckon that a number like that warrants a giveaway ;-)
So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a puppet of your own customerising, keep reading... and if you don't, then you should probably go and find something else to do now cos you'll probably find the rest of this post quite boring!
The catch! - none of this 'just like and share' malarkey I'm afraid, you're gonna have to work for your prize cos I'm tight like that, so what you have to do is, first, pop over to my shop and come back and tell me in the comments bit here what your favourite item is and why (you can even buy it if you want to, I'm okay with that too ;-)) 
And then secondly, because I'm a little bit running out of ideas for names and descriptions now and I'm a little bit lazy, you need to tell me what your puppet would be called and what their most favouritest thing EVER would be.

So there you go, not too difficult really is it. I will select a winner randomly by some random method or other next Saturday (11th May) 8pm
Oh and one other thing, which should really go without saying but there's always one (at least), Anonymous comments will not be entered into random selctiony thingy because if I don't know who you are then it's kind of hard to find you to tell you've won!
Oh and one other other thing if you want to share this around for me that would be very superdeeduper but it's not compulsory ;-)


  1. Kirstie Davidson2 May 2013 at 18:50

    Hello :)
    I love the pangolin purse, the rainbow scales are epic! My 2.5yr old son though, who was just browsing with me, has a thing for your teenyweeny turtles :)
    Our puppet would be called Gawain, whose favourite things are flying kites and eating chocolate bourbon biscuits (not necessarily at the same time) :)

  2. Hi. I love Madalene Mudpie puppet....because she looks a bit ditsy just like me!

    My puppet would be callesd 'Ooops...plop', as that was her response to being asked her name just as she dropped her bestest rock down a well by accident which resulted in a satisfying 'plop' as it hit the water.

    Her favouritest things are collecying really BIG rocks, watching butterflies and eating candyfloss. ..coz she loves how it tickles her nose when she buries her face in a huge mound of it at breakfast :-)

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  4. Sorry about the deleted reply above, the comments box froze on me?!?

    I love all your puppets, they are wonderfully zany and so colourful!

    If I had to choose a puppet of my own it would be Knitty Natty, made of all sorts of colour combinations and flowing rainbow locks, she would love all things yarn, so much so you can't see where she ends and the yarn she loves so much starts, a sort of a yarn tactic explosion of fun!

    Of the wonderful puppets in your shop at the moment, there is one in particular that takes me back to one of the childhood programmes I used to love, Fraggle RockLouis BomBouis puppet

    1. Ps. Grey tshirt with red star. It's ace.

  5. Our puppet would be named Aristotle Axylotyl, his absolute favourite thing would be sniffing flowers in the garden and eating plum and ginger jam sandwiches. Sue cockcroft

  6. My favourite item is difficult to say. I love the Pangolin purse - the rainbow colours are fab. But, I am also partial to the fun crochet bag! My favourite puppet is Madalene Mudpie with her cheery face. My puppet would be called Toby TJ in honour of my two great nephews who are two very mischievous children! Favourite things: Eating licorice and dancing to music - any kind of music!

  7. Love the fun crochet bag! Also very partial to a bit of rainbow playsilk ;)
    Our monster would be called George, in honour of my new nephew :) His favourite thing in the whole world to eat would be dust, so I don't have to get the Pledge out ever again! His most favourite thing to do would be snuggle up and read stories with us :)

  8. My most favourite item that you do ( apart from the big puppets of course ) is the snail finger puppet. I love the colours and it's little antennas ( is that what they are called ? ).
    My puppet would be called Limbo Madagascar. He has a tuft on his chin. His most favouritist things ever ever are Disco dancing in his jelly sandles and waving at people on trains ( his favouritist film is the Railway Children ).

  9. Kathryn davidson10 May 2013 at 21:29

    My favourite item is the teeny weeny turtles

    my puppet would be called choco baba ,his fave thing would be chocolate buttons, and blowing bubbles in the garden ,also loves dancing to rock music !!

  10. Oh my favourite items has defo got to be a custom puppet you did, it had to be sunshine coloured . My puppet would be called Red and she'd look alot like one of my favourite fraggles off fraggle Rock and she'd have the crazy hair bunches that look like cheer leaders pom poms,i think she'd be a little bit of a joker so her favourite thing would be to place random items into peoples shopping trolleys when they're not looking and to jump out of the clothes rails and say Boo at unsuspecting shoppers.She also likes long funky stripey multi coloured socks toe socks.

  11. I love everything you make especially anything rainbow coloured ....I would buy a dragon puppet and call him Horace and he would love purple and only eat purple sprouting broccoli :-)))

  12. I can't decide between Louis bombouis puppet and your lovely owls, all the things you sell are fantastic!
    If I had a puppet it would be all rainbow colours, she would be called Lollylovely because she loves eating lollipops. She also loves flowers playing in the garden and has a thing about pretty buttons.