Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How much(!!)....

...would you pay for a set of chessmen?
I'm struggling with pricing - just for a change!! My chess pieces are almost ready to be listed, I just need to get some fabric to line the box
and weigh everything to work out the postage, but I've been doing some searches to try and find out what people sell handmade chess pieces at and you're looking at anything from a tenner up to 5 grand (yes really!!!)

Now obviously I'm not going to charge quite that much for mine, but, not including all the hours spent searching the internet for a box for them (!), or all the hours spent travelling to and from the pottery studio, there are probably around 9 -10 hours work in them. Now, supposing I were to pay myself the national minimum wage for them, that would make them over £50...

Is anyone going to be prepared to pay anything anywhere near that for these?


  1. Thanks a really hard question and I'm afraid I don't have a good answer, I just wanted to say they look very well made and you can see the time and effort that went into them.

    £50 sounds like a lot but not when you taken into account the time, skill and effort and also that there are 32 pieces in the set! If they were being sold in a department store they would probably be charging up to £100 or more!

  2. Price high, but be prepared to let yourself be haggled down a bit.

    I say: £150

  3. For the amount of time and skill needed, I think £50 i the minimum you'd need to ask. I also like Alternicity's idea.
    Buyers might think they're not very well made if you don't charge a high enough price.

    This pricing lark is really hard, isn't it? :-)

    Sam x

  4. They are brilliant and they look really professional in the box. I really would have no idea about price either but I would say aim quite high as I'm sure other handmade sets would go for a fortune!

  5. £50 is less than £1 each piece. For handmade items that is very very cheap! If you were to sell them through a shop could you do a lower wholesale price? I think not. Work out the least you could sell them for - if that is £50 then that's your wholesale price, and your retail price should be higher.

  6. oh and I forgot to say, it's really brilliant!

  7. Thanks for all the feedback :o) Still haven't decided on a price, but getting closer to it :)