Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Penguin (part one)

I know I've done a walk through before, but I've been asked if I can do a penguin t-shirt which I haven't done before so it will have the original design I'm working from as well in this one, which I usually skip.
It's for an age 2-3 t-shirt, so I'm going cute with the design. Also, simple works best for the hand painted t-shirts - hand dyed t-shirts can be more detailed and so can silk painting, because the silk paintings can be dried flat, and the dyed t-shirts are one colour so running isn't a problem, but these ones have to be hung to dry so the less potential problem areas there are to start with, the better!;)
So, after a bit of doodling, this is the design I've decided to work from...
Then, I need to think what it will look like with a white outline, instead of the pencil one...
..to decide whether I think it's going to look 'right' in batik, or not...
If you are doing batik or silk painting with children or beginners, drawing the design with a candle or white crayon onto paper first and painting in the colours, can give you a good idea of whether the design is going to work on the fabric or not.
Tomorrow, I'll be transferring the design onto the t-shirt and waxing the outline