Sunday, 19 September 2010

Penguin (part five)

Nearly there now :)
First up, was to get as much of the remaining wax as possible out of the fabric before putting it in the washing machine. This means soaking it in boiling water...
so that some of the wax floats out of it to the surface...
and then rinsing alternately in hot and cold water until you can't feel any more wax in it.
Then it goes on a machine hot wash (90ยบ), again for the purpose of getting any remaining wax out, but also so that any colour that is going to come out of it, comes out now.
The colours shouldn't fade after this with normal washing.
I have to say, it's hanging up to dry now, and looking very cute - but I'll save that pic for tomorrow when it will hopefully be dry and ready for ironing and sending off to it's new home :)

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