Saturday, 28 January 2012

Granny's blanket (WIP)

Inspired by this lovely lady and her wonderful granny blanket I decided to crack on with the blanket I'm making for my Gran today...
The flower in the middle was originally intended for my Leap Year Blanket, but it's quite bulky compared to my other squares so I thought it would make for a nice centre piece for this instead.
I'm only aiming for lap blanket sort of size, but it's still got a way to go yet!
Hoping to get another few rounds done this evening and tomorrow :)


  1. That's so pretty! Love the flower, can't wait to see the finished article, I bet your gran will love it :)

  2. wow - you have sooo got a flair for crochet hun ! this is lovely , where did you get the pattern for the flower cos i'd like a go xx

  3. Thanks both :)
    It's the waterflower square Dawniy - -
    except that I found the pattern a bit tricky to follow so the middle is 'wrong' and I had to make the leaves up, and I'm not sure the petals are quite how they 'should' be in theory it's the waterflower square anyway! ;-)