Friday, 8 February 2013


 remember the Leap Year Blanket from way back when?...
...well last night I finished the last '2' of '2012'!!!
Granted a little later than planned, but given that I spent a considerable part of the last half of 2012 in 'out of order' mode and having to write great chunks of it off for one reason and another, I think getting it finished only a month or so late is pretty good going. :)
In fact, given my track record of sticking (or not) to long term plans and projects, getting it finished at all is pretty good going! ;o)
So I have spent this morning joining up and sewing in ends...
366 squares all joined up :)
It still needs edging, which I'm hoping to make a good start on over the weekend, but it's pretty lovely as it is too, if I do say so myself :)


  1. this is fab, wish i could motivate myself to get more done! x

    1. thanks :) you do have quite a lot of distractions though ;-)

  2. Woweeeee! Its fab. So colourful, I love it.